We were founded in 1984, and since then we have provided high performance, scalable, reliable business applications and consulting services to the banking and financial services sector. Our customers rank among the top 200 banks and financial institutions in the country. We focus on the development of mission critical applications for the banking sector on a variety of hardware platforms, using state of the art software development tools and techniques.

Many of our current product offerings evolved from our considerable experience with payments and securities applications, often in partnership with our customers. Our suite of products for connectivity with the Federal Reserve System includes Fedwire funds transfers, Securities (NBES) transactions and ACH payment processing. Our suite of OFAC compliance products supports scanning of all transaction types for both interactive and batch applications.

Lighthouse development and marketing activities are conducted in partnership with leading industry vendors including HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Accuity. As a Federal Reserve certified vendor, our Fed connectivity products are featured on the Fed website.