Christopher Whitford, Principal, Managing Partner

Chris is a Principal with over twenty five years experience in information systems, financial applications and the management of entrepreneurial companies. As managing partner, he is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. As the lead business strategist, he also spearheads the planning and marketing activities for Lighthouse's evolving family of banking software products.

Prior to starting Lighthouse, Chris was a Principal with Network Consultants, Inc. where his duties included participation in the overall strategic planning for the company. As product manager and lead designer for the Moneynet funds transfer system, he was responsible for specification and architectural design of the product. He also worked closely with the early adopters of Moneynet to ensure that the product addressed their business needs. He was subsequently involved with marketing the product. and identifying new features and enhancements, including the development of the customer cash management feature.

Norman Iverson, Principal, Manager,
Fed Connectivity Products

Norman is a Principal with twenty five years of HP Nonstop and PC development experience. He was the primary developer of the SDN Scanner which is used by over twenty banks for OFAC compliance. Norman developed the FLASH interface for the Securities Transfer System, and is the principal developer for the Bulkdata Delivery System and the Funds Transfer System. He is also the primary liaison between Lighthouse and the Federal Reserve Automation Services.

Norman was the system architect and primary developer for the connectivity and transaction processing layers of the Checkfree HP Nonstop home banking system used for connecting with Intuit Quicken and Microsoft Money software clients. Additionally in conjunction with that project he developed the high-performance HP Nonstop TCP/IP connectivity component for connection to their Unix hub. Prior to joining Lighthouse, Norman developed a number of PC based applications for Kriya Systems. He co-authored the Macintosh-based object oriented language NEON while at Kriya.

David Craig, Manager, Product Support Services

David is a Senior Consultant and manages the Lighthouse Help Desk. The Help Desk provides support for Lighthouse Software Products and the HP Nonstop Payments Wire Transfer System. As a subject matter expert for the Nonstop Payments System, David also assists in the product specification, project management, implementation, custom development, testing and cutover support for Nonstop Payments.

David has more than 23 years of banking, payments and Information Technology experience including 17 years of HP Nonstop experience.

Prior to joining Lighthouse, David was an employee of ACI where he managed the Customer Service and Technical Field Services areas of the Corporate Products Division in support of the Moneynet and Cash Management Plus applications.