Bulkdata Delivery System (BDS)

The Lighthouse Bulkdata Delivery System Gateway (BDS) system implements a Fed-certified FLASH protocol for use with a communications link to the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) Bulkdata Transfer application. BDS exchanges formatted transmission files supporting the various FRB lines of business that use Bulkdata as their transmission method. BDS maintains records of transmitted and received file activity, and complete audit trails of user operations and database activity.

BDS is a client-server application. The server component runs on a Windows 2000 Server platform; clients can be co-located on the server or installed on network-attached platforms running any 32-bit Windows operating system (95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000). Client users are authenticated using application-level access control functions. Server program and database operations are secured under the Windows 2000 security envelope.

Key Features

  • Application-level access control
  • Fed signon, signoff and password management
  • Automated import of outbound Bulkdata files
  • Automated extraction of received inbound Bulkdata files
  • File compression and decompression using LU1 or C64 compression styles
  • FTF file formatting and deformatting
  • File retransmission
  • BDS database browsing
  • BDS database maintenance