Fax/E-mail Notification

The Lighthouse FAX/SERVER is a software product which supports the distribution of fax information using the HP Nonstop Spooler interface. The product includes a special purpose HP Nonstop Spooler print process which manages the distribution of fax information from HP Nonstop based applications or other host systems via Windows 2000 workstation servers, each managing one or more fax cards. The FAX/SERVER monitors the status of fax transmissions and provides information about the final disposition of each item. By coupling economical workstation technology to the fault tolerant HP Nonstop platform, the FAX/SERVER offers a high availability platform for fax delivery of information. Any application output that can be directed to the HP Nonstop Spooler can be transmitted via the FAX/SERVER.

Key Features

  • Eliminates printing and mailing labor, and postage costs.
  • Offers timely delivery of customer information.
  • Supports phone directories for easy routing, and distribution lists for broadcasting information.
  • HP Nonstop collector software provides high availability for improved service levels.
  • Architecture allows easy expansion to meet future growth.
  • Application Programmatic Interface supports customer integration with other systems if desired.
  • Status information provides ease of operation and control.
  • Interfaces to money transfer applications offer a highly integrated turnkey solution.